To show respect for the place with a design approach

Together with our design partners, we design products that will brighten your offices with the light of scientific and creative thinking. We design offices in line with the speed of the future with perspectives that will expand your comfort zone, and we design them by taking into account the user habits in order to be your most active solution partner in business life.

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Ozan Sinan Tığlıoğlu

Meet Doxa Designers

Meet Doxa Designers

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    Begüm Bali

  • Image 21

    Ozan Sinan Tığlıoğlu

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    Cenk Beharti

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    Yücel Karadeniz

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    Yasemin Özek Karadeniz

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    Sabahattin Şiranlı


We are at your side with scienific,creative and practical solutions at every stage by partnering with you in the creation process of your dreams.