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Doxa brings together modern, aesthetic and technology components with its expertise in office furniture, and increases its product range with its unique designs day by day. Doxa, which has one of the most modern factories in Turkey, thanks to its constantly renewing design approach, the importance given to R&D studies, and its technological infrastructure, keeps customer demands at the highest level and brings aesthetic and ergonomic products to visionary offices.

Üretim Sol Resim
80 bin m² üretim tesisi  105 thousand m² production facility
  Son teknolojiye sahip ekipmanları ile hızlı teslimat      Fast delivery with state-of-the-art equipment
Dünyanın 25 ülkesine ihracat, 100'den fazla satış noktası  Export to 25 countries of the world, more than 100 sales points

MDF (Medium-density-fibreboard) is obtained by compressing wood materials into fibers. MDF is a tree-derived product, and it creates a smooth surface both transversely and longitudinally. Its edges are rough and smooth, making it suitable for producing smaller, cleaner pieces. By breaking new ground in powder coating technology on MDF, Doxa has developed a product that will greatly increase the durability of such materials.

Üretim Sol Resim

DX-Color, with its technology that creates smooth, durable surfaces and perfectly painted edges, wraps the products on which it is applied very strongly. DX-Color's innovative application system offers the most suitable solution for complex and technically designed edge details. DX Color, with its rich color options and scratch-resistant surface technology, has a safe and environmentally friendly structure with its healthy content that does not contain solvents and heavy metals.